A Full-service Nanotechnology Laboratory in the Heart of Silicon Valley

Conveniently located in Silicon Valley, California, we focus on creating innovative materials that enhance existing technologies and create new opportunities for a sustainable future. 

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Custom Nanoparticles

Particle synthesis, surface derivatization, passivation, bioconjugation, biocompatibility, characterization

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Nanoparticle, nanowire, and nanotube infused polymers with enhanced electrical, thermal, and structural properties.

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Functional Inks

From conductive and dielectric inks to exotic electro-responsive emulsions

Functional ink formulations for diverse  applications

Additive manufacturing
Printed electronics

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Medical Diagnostics

Nanoparticles (NP) for Biosensor Applications

Magnetic Particles
Gold and Silver nanoparticles
SERS nanoparticles
Polymeric luminescent particles (Fluorophores and Lanthanide chelates)
Reverse emulsions, micro-emulsion, Liposomes, lipid NPs
Bioconjugation and biocompatible coatings
Assay Development
Lateral flow assays

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Energy Storage

Electrodes and membranes
Fuel cells

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Colloidal Crystals Metamaterials

Self-Assembled nano and micro-structured materials
Supramolecular Scaffolds

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Thermodynamically stable microemulsions
Reverse Emulsions
Electro-responsive emulsions

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Electrophoretic Display Inks

Zikon's Unique nano-droplet based display inks enable low-cost, high-contrast, energy efficient, printable displays. 

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Advanced Materials

For application that range from nanodevices to medtech to sustainable environmental remediation materials, we formulate custom solutions to fit every need.

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Contract R&D

Contact us today to learn how together we can solve your nanotechnology challenges.

Our Advantages



Experienced Team

Our PhD's  have decades of combined industry experience in nanotechnology, advanced materials, displays, medical diagnostics, semiconductor processes, and biotechnology. 

Multidisciplinary laboratory in Silicon Valley, CA.

We operate a full chemistry, biotech, and prototyping laboratory in a convenient location. 

Network of Industry Experts

We leverage our substantial professional and academic networks to augment our internal capabilities and to ensure that your complex needs receive the best attention from the most qualified experts in their fields.

Tailored to your individual needs    

We take on projects that range in size and complexity from rapid laboratory validation of materials to coordinating multi-phase R&D efforts. We cater to clients both small and large, and are responsive to the unique needs of individual clients. 

Partner Organizations

We operate within a network of industry experts in the field of biomedical devices, semiconductors, and additive manufacturing  to augment our internal capabilities when needed and to stay abreast of the latest industry insights. 
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Big Solutions in Small Technology

SmallTech is an interdisciplinary technology consulting company focused on sustainability. Specializes in  sensing and environmental impact mitigation technologies. SmallTech has a core team of 6 PhDs (2 EE, 1ME, 2 Physics, 1 Chemistry) that cumulatively hold
143 issued patents ($Billions in profits for assignees) and more than 5,000 citations from research papers in nanotechnology, MEMS, and optics.
Extensive industry experience at top research labs.

Sustainable Electronics

 Panamint is a team of scientists, nanotechnologists designers, and industry veterans, who have come together with a vision of taking printed electronics to the next level. We are building a portfolio of innovative printed components that include proprietary printed displays, batteries/energy storage solutions, sensors, and functional inks, all as part of a larger goal of integration into systems and devices with a focus on sustainability and novel functionality.

Translational Biomedical Research and Development Institute

 PRI has discovered and served as an incubator for a number of technologies and pharmaceutical projects that subsequently were licensed to development partners or incorporated into PRI portfolio companies. The Institute has a staff of 15 medical scientists (10 with MD and/or PhD degrees) with expertise in medicinal and organic chemistry, pharmacology, molecular and cell biology, plant molecular biology, oncology, immunology, infectious diseases and medicine.

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