Zikon's electric ink technology uses nano-droplets of colored ink to create images on paperlike substrates. Images can be changed by application of low voltages.

Electric ink display


Paper-like displays are opening previously inaccessible segments in the display market. They are characterized by low power consumption and paper-like appearance, including ambient -light readability without a backlight and wide viewing angles.


Zikon's proprietary electric ink technology meets market demands for paper-like displays by offering high contrast and great viewability along with low voltage (logic level) operation at an exceptionally affordable cost.

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 Conceptually intuitive and simple to make




Porous matrix on flexible/rigid conductive substrate serves the same functions as traditional paper


 - Structural integrity, white background.

Electric ink

- All liquid formulation

- Comprised of nanodroplets

- Provides color

- Printable




•Great viewability: paper-like appearance


•Rigid or flexible substrates.


•Low, logic-level, driving voltage (<5V)


•Simple design


•Very low manufacturing cost


•Very low power consumption









Dr. Remy Cromer, co-founder and President, holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and brings extensive expertise in nanotechnology, molecular self-assembly and supra-molecular chemistry. His expertise in colloid and material sciences have led to the joint creation of the Zikon technology. Remy holds over 20 patents with additional pending. He is intimately familiar with technology-based start-ups.


Dr. Mateusz Bryning, Chief Technology Officer, is a physicist specializing in emerging technologies in nanotechnology, complex fluids, and advanced materials fields. Dr. Bryning is an entrepreneur with ten years of experience in discovering, developing and transferring new materials technology into application. He is also an Adjunct Faculty at San Jose State University, where he teaches a laboratory course on MEMS design and Fabrication and co-advises several students. Dr. Bryning holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, where his research focused on carbon nanotube networks.



Winston Wang, R&D Engineer, MSME from San Jose State University. Born in Taiwan, fluent in Mandarin and English. His master's thesis “Effect of nanodroplet ink concentration on image contrast for reverse-emulsion electrophoreticdisplays” was published in SPIE in 2013. As the Research and development engineer in Zikon, he does hands-on laboratory work on the electric ink and display module. Including advance prototyping,  machining, testing, and multi-physics simulation.


Alexander Fries, Chief Operating Officer, has co-founded 3 start-up companies in Europe and USA. Management level positions at 4 other start-ups. Active angel investor. Co-started MCI Switzerland and helped build the Lucent Technologies Broadband Product house. Fries focus on business development and marketing related matters.








Prof. John Lee is Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at SJSU and conducts research primarily in the field of microfluidics. His doctoral work from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focused on a novel “three-dimensional printing” process using a variety of ceramic and metal powders, selectively bonded by custom-designed printheads for colloidal silica ink. He is co-inventor of 10 U.S. patents involving micro fuel cell design and fabrication, and is co-author of a book Microfabrication for Microfluidics (published 2010 by Artech House, Boston, MA).


Dr. Daniel Colbert is president of Colbert Venture Consulting and advises Zikon on business strategy, development, and technology. As a Professor of Chemistry at Rice University, Dr. Colbert was a pioneer in nanotechnology, with over 50 patents and over 50 research papers. He co-founded a leading nanotech startup with Nobel Laureate Rick Smalley, and led business development there. He has co-founded three technology startups, and twice been a venture investor in cleantech, materials, and nanotech.


Dr. Leslie Field is the Founder and Managing Member of SmallTech Consulting, LLC and the Founder and CEO of MEMS Insight, Inc. She also serves as a Consulting Professor in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Dr. Field earned PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley's Sensor & Actuator Center, and MS and BS degrees in Chemical Engineering from MIT.



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